the queen applies to grad school

A couple of weeks ago, I was researching the statistics class I knew I’d need in order to have a chance of acceptance into Kansas State’s Masters of Engineering Management program.  After spending some time on the Wichita State website, I discovered that they, too, now offer an MEM program. Score one for me!

Without hesitation, I filled out the application and paid the fee.

Friday, I was notified that my application had been sent to the MEM program coordinator.

This morning, I emailed my resume.

E-gads! This is real!!  I’m not just talking about graduate school anymore.  Actually taking the steps toward going is scary.  And it makes me feel old.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 12+ years of professional experience kinda outweighs the fact that my undergrad GPA was less than awesome.

And I’m officially on the hunt for an evening sitter for the girls.  Anyone interested??


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  1. Congratulations on Grad School. Very exciting.
    Cindy Penfield’s last post…New and Improved Scrapbook RoomMy Profile

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